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About us

The Fashion for a Cause Foundation was founded in Las Vegas, NV, in 2012 by photographer and philanthropist, Andres Gonzalez with the original idea of creating fashion events to raise funds for different nonprofit organizations in the city. In the Las Vegas area alone, more than 100 talented and creative volunteers of the fashion industry joined forces to support spectacular charity events for established nonprofit organizations raising thousands of dollars for communities in need.

The events showcased emerging talent and were supported by the local press and community members. That increased the number of artists interested in donating their time and art to give back to the community while having great exposure.

FFAC later moved its operations to Florida in early 2017 where corporate executive Carlos Junquera joined the Foundation to lead the business development of the organization.

Today, the Foundation expanded their mission a now supports emerging designers and artists of limited means nurture their talents by facilitating apprenticeship programs with other designers and artists within our local community as well as raise awareness and funds for other community charities that otherwise would not have a platform to do so through fashion; FFAC has worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Blind Children’s Foundation, Minority Development Council, Spring Preserve and Designers and Creative Teams Against Domestic Violence to name a few.

Today, FFAC is the recipient of the South Florida International Fashion Week event, and continues scouting emerging talent to develop opportunities of growth in the professional industry of fashion while giving back to our community.

Gonzalez and Junquera, both talented creatives and artists passionate about fashion and the community, are committed to bring to the South Florida arena a professional sustainable platform for emerging talent to grow while giving back to those in need.



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